In 2011, Florida Home Sellers LLC was formed by Michael Katz, Esquire of Katz & Associates Law Firm to better serve many of his law firm clients with short sale transactions.  Katz & Associates Law Firm handles real estate law [including foreclosure defense and short sale assistance] amongst other areas of law.  One of the most successful options in defeating a foreclosure case and avoiding a judgment is the short sale.

Prior to Florida Home Sellers LLC being created, Mr. Katz and the rest of Katz & Associates Law Firm would refer out short sales to other real estate agents and unfortunately the outcome was completely out of the law firm’s hands.

Katz & Associates Law Firm would handle the defense of the foreclosure meanwhile a separate real estate agent [not under the control or supervision] of Katz & Associates would handle the short sale.

Unfortunately, this created potential problems for the law firm’s clients.  The problems were that some clients were advised improperly by some of those real estate agents.  One reoccurring issue was that our clients were told “not to worry about the deficiency judgment and that the bank wont come after you” – such is bad advice and completely false.  This created tension between the law firm and our clients. For that reason, Mr. Katz decided to create Florida Home Sellers LLC and become a licensed real estate sales associate.

Mr. Katz joined forces with Jeremiah Baron, real estate broker to bring Florida Home Sellers LLC to become the top real estate company in the Treasure Coast area.  Of course, clients have the choice of what real estate brokerage to chose but it is not hard to realize that people want a real estate brokerage that will also advise them properly in their transactions.

Florida Home Sellers LLC is the clear choice when choosing a real estate brokerage.  Since 2011, Florida Home Sellers LLC has been successfully closing short sales with deficiency judgments being completely settled in most cases.

Florida Home Sellers LLC also handles high-end real estate transactions.

Let Florida Home Sellers be your real estate company when buying and selling real estate.