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Selling your home or property?

How can we help you sell your home?

We will list your property and market it until it sells successfully

We use all the current market strategies in selling your home. Florida Home Sellers will list your home on the MLS and depending on the situation hold open houses.  In some situations we will also advertise your property in the local newspapers.  However, we are very successful in internet marketing which is the most advanced method in current years.

Looking to buy a new home or investment property?

How can we help you buy your home or investment property?

We will use our industry contacts to locate deals that satisfy our clients.  We will also use searches on the MLS targeting the exact needs of our clients.

If you are looking for a home in Stuart, Hobe Sound, Jupiter, Palm City, Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Jensen Beach, Sewalls Point, Palm Beach Gardens and any other town or city located in Palm Beach County, Martin County, St. Lucie County, and Indian River County Florida Home Sellers LLC is the real estate company for you.

Please use our search tool to find the property that interests you.  Call us with any questions on our services.

Why use Florida Home Sellers, LLC?

We are a full service real estate brokerage with years of experience. Our broker Jeremiah Baron, a local who grew up in the area is well known in the real estate community also managing Commercial Real Estate LLC, arguably the go-to commercial real estate brokerage in the Treasure Coast.   Our general counsel and owner, Michael B. Katz is also an experienced real estate lawyer managing Katz & Associates Law Firm. Together Mr. Katz and Mr. Baron will lead Florida Home Sellers LLC to the forefront of the top tier residential real estate brokerages located in the Treasure Coast.

We will provide you real estate services beyond the competition. Come in to our office to meet with us for a no obligation meeting.

What separates us from the others? Everything. Our owner is a real estate lawyer that understands what legal issues you might face when purchasing or selling your property. For all Florida Home Seller clients Mr. Katz will give a free no obligation consultation regarding their real estate transaction.  Call us for details.

Why should I short sale my home?

First of all, it is important that this be answered by licensed florida attorney and not a realtor. It so happens that Mr. Katz, a Florida Licensed attorney personally wrote this passage.

Many people want to keep their home but during these hard economic times and decreased values of real estate it may not make good business sense to keep it.  Of course, there may be personal reasons why you may want to keep your home but even with a loan modification it may not be possible. In those cases, a short sale is the best option to a foreclosure and generally the best option to ending the foreclosure process. In fact, even if you are coming to the end of the foreclosure process we may still be able to short sale your home.   By doing a short sale and it being properly handled by an experience real estate short sale specialist you can end the foreclosure and avoid a deficiency judgment.   And yes, banks can go after you for the deficiency judgment if such is not dealt with. Please contact us to discuss your real estate matter and why a short sale might be the right course of action for you.

How much should I sell my property for?

Many factors go into pricing your home properly. To come up with a competitive price the first point is to determine what similar homes in your area are selling for.   That is in the last few months has a home like yours sold in your community? If yes, how much did it sell for. If that home is similar to yours that is a good start.  To obtain a more closer estimate call Florida Home Sellers to give you a comparable on your property.   We can assist you in listing your property at a competitive price point.   If you list your property to high or low such can be detrimental to your profit.

Interested in joining the Florida Home Sellers team?

We are a highly competitive real estate brokerage that helps you get the leads you are looking for. If you are a team player and highly motivated we want to hear from you. Let us put you in the real estate game. We also offer fair commission splits for all personnel. We are taking the real estate business to a higher level with cutting edge marketing not utilized by other brokerages. Please fill in your contact information and we will have you come in to meet with the team.

What types of real estate properties do we specialize in?

Florida Home Sellers LLC has real estate agents and real estate brokers experienced in residential high end and inexpensive homes as well as commercial properties (including apartments, rental properties, triple net properties and shopping centers).

Want to sell your property?

Florida Home Sellers LLC can help you with listing your property. Even if your property has been sitting on the market for a long period of time – there is probably a reason for it. Use the real estate brokerage, Florida Home Sellers who will take your property to the forefront of the market.